Rammer 2155E embraces the very latest in hydraulic hammer  design with its slim body, robust housing made of wear resistant steel, a replaceable bottom plate and others. A key feature of the 2155E is its new design that provides exceptional flexibility to match the hammer precisely to application and material requirements by choosing from a range of options as “retrofit”.  The Rammer 2155E comes with the remote monitoring hardware RD3 installed.

Minimum working weight, kg (lb) 1240-1280 (2730-2820)
Impact rate, bpm 490-780
Operating pressure, bar (psi) 140-160 (2030-2320)
Pressure relief, min bar (psi) 220 (3190)
Pressure relief, max bar (psi) 240 (3480)
Oil flow range, l/min (gal/min) 120-180 (31.7-47.6)
Back pressure, max bar (psi) 10 (145)
Input power, kW (hp) 48 (64)
Tool diameter, mm (in) 118 (4.65)
Carrier weight, allowed range t (lb) 14-26 (30900-57300)
Noise level, measured sound power level, LWA, dB 124
Noise level, guaranteed sound power level, LWA, dB 128