Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammers is a proud distributor of Rammer Performance Line and Rammer Excellence Line hammers.

Excellence Line

The Excellence line is Rammer flagship line of hydraulic hammers, which has been serving customers the world over for four decades.

Performance Line

The new Rammer Performance Line hammers are youreveryday solution for a wide range of breaking demands. Designed with proven Rammer features and standards,these Rammer Performance Line hammers offer more thanjust excellent power-to-weight ratio; they bring the qualityreassurance that only a true Rammer hammer can bring.Rammer Performance Line hammers are your everyday breaking solution, when quality and peace of mind count. Operator comfort has been a key factor in the design of the Performance Line, the vibration dampened and sound suppressed housing minimises energy transfer to the carrier.Other standard features including Rammer’s own Ramlube II greasing system, Ramdata II and the fast change tool system make for easy servicing and an extended product lifespan.