M series booms have been built to take heavy loads in quarry and mining applications.
Typically M-booms are installed to enhance the productivity of stationary crushers by feeding material to the crushers and raking the hopper area.

M series booms are designed for even heavier applications like underground grizzlies, but the capacity of the boom construction is heavier to withstand the tougher duty cycles.

The benefit of the triangular boom design is lightweight combined with high capacity. Furthermore the boom pedestal is designed circular to optimize the stress distribution and foundation structures.

Weight, kg 5500
Maximum reach, m 7.2
Nominal horizontal reach (H), m 4.8
Nominal vertical reach (V), m 3.4
Swing, ° 170
Base dimensions, m 1.68
Recommended hammer types 2155, 2577
Recommended power packs HA37, HA45